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5 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding

5 Reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding

Photo booths have quickly become one of the most popular wedding traditions. With its fun and interactive setup, it’s no wonder couples are choosing to use one at their reception. Here are the top five advantages of incorporating a photo booth into your dream wedding:

1. Keepsake Memories: A unique and fun way to capture memories of your day that can be kept forever! Every single photo taken in the photo booth will be a one of a kind memory that will bring you back to the joyous day you said “I do”. ( even the ones taken later at night 😂 )

2. Instant Gratification: The photo booth is a great way to give your guests instant gratification of the photos taken and you can customise the prints to fit your wedding’s theme.

3. Instant Shareable Photos: With the use of your social media site of choice, you can quickly share the photos taken at the photo booth with family and friends.

4. Fun for Everyone: A Photo booth is a perfect addition to get your guests up and dancing. It’s an entertaining activity that your guests from all age groups can enjoy. And boy do they ever!

5. Cost Effective: Photo booths are offered in various budgets but they can be as affordable as you want depending on the version and how long you would like thm for.

Whether it’s for you and your partner or your guests to enjoy, a mirror photo booth is a great way to remember and capture the fun and excitement of the night. And don’t forget, it’s the perfect opportunity to create some crazy, unique and stunning selfies with your loved ones!


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