Premium Enclosed Photo booth

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Designed with formal fun in mind!

Photos you never would have thought to take

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- Exclusively private

- Gloss finish

- Touch screen

- Digital SLR camera

- Beauty Dish studio lighting

- Fast Sub Die Printer

- 3/4 body length photos

- Can social media share

- Can email immediately

- Lots of room

Couple Kissing in Photo Booth


Vehicular access

Our Premium Photo Booth just requires parking nearby for a standard car and trailer.  Stairs, elevators are no problem for this booth as it breaks down into panels, but some older building with very tight corners, may be an issue.


Power Requirements

We require a single 240v 10amp outlet ( a standard plug) with in 10m of the booths location.


Area requirements

The booth itself is approximately 3.2m wide x 1.6m deep x 2.3m tall, but requires more room for the guests to stand.  We also need room for a props table if required.  Try to leave enough room in front of the booth for a large queue depending on how many guests are at your event.  Total space required ideally about 3x4m


Set up/ Pull down

Indoor or under a weather proof roof please.  We require approx 2 hours to set up.  Pull down requires about 1 hour.

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