Social Booth

A entertainment sharing star


Designed with
corporate in mind

Provide something people are interested in .....

And give them a reason to share it!

- simple easy entertainment for guests

- Blast happy smiling faces over your social pages

- User opt in for marketing

- Branded booth, branded strips,

   branded message in the guests emails

- Branded digital props for the guest

- Indoor or outdoor suitable,

   rain doesn't stop us!

- Suitable for Multi day events

Photo 9-5-19, 4 59 33 pm.jpg


Vehicular access

Our Social Open Air Photo Booth just requires parking nearby for a car and trailer.  Stairs are out but elevators or tight corners are no problem for this booth.


Power Requirements

We require a single 240v 10amp outlet (a standard plug) with in 30m of the booths location.


Area requirements

Ideally we would like 3m x 3m.  This includes the booth, any backdrop.  Try to leave enough room in around the booth for a small/large queue depending on how many guests are at your event.


Backdrop options

Usually this booth doesn't use a backdrop.  We use the event itself as the backdrop, people can pop in and out and yo can see the excitement of the event.  However we have a great many different backgrounds to choose from.  Please check out our backdrop options page to make your choice.  We are always happy to try to source the perfect backdrop for you.  We love working with themes.  


Set up/ Pull down

We require at least 1 hour to set up.  If you would like ask if you can have the booth set up early in the day.  Pull down requires about 1/2 hour.