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Rock Star Entrance
No one will forget your entrance

Brand New Experience!
Our Custom designed and tailored experience

this Amazing experience is perfect for your entrance to the wedding reception, its brand new for 2023 and as such we are waiting for the advertising photos to come back.


Let me paint you a picture thou


Picture everyone sitting down at the reception, your groomsmen and bridesmaids have been called into the room and now its your turn.  The MC announces the new Mr & MRs to your friends and family and you start to walk in to the room.  The DJ starts your chosen music and as the music hits just right, you pause in front of 2 of our fog geysers.  Angled towards each other as they fire an enormous burst.  At the same monent our stage blinders, placed low behind you turn on creating an exciting silhouette of you both.   Our lazer rakes wide waves dramatically up and down.    You paint a stunning picture with your pose together.  after a few moments we raise the lights in front of you so we can see your smiling faces really to start the reception in style. 

Practise your power pose, because this one is worthy of going on your wall

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