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Giant Shadow Box Letters

Stand out at your next event with our giant shadow box letters!


Measuring at a whopping 1.55m tall, these letters make a bold statement. Interested in customising your event even further? Our letters use RGBCCT colours that can easily be changed with a remote control or the lighting team can use DMX, giving you endless possibilities.


Perfect for festivals, corporate functions, and even for custom logos, these letters are sure to impress. Don't settle for ordinary - make a statement with our giant shadow box letters

2023-08-31 10.05.44.png
2023-09-09 21.17.05.png
Giant Shadow Box Letters at the 2023 Darling Downs Beef Battle - Rumours International
Giant Shadow Box Letters at the 2023 International Street Fiesta

Its hard to show just how big these letters are.

This photo does it well :)

Getting ready for an event

1.5m Shadow box - GAB sml.png

Perfect for any party!  Happy Birthday Gab

Best used for corporate events, large functions, large spaces or nightime outdoor events

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